Punch Up is taking on new members


Hi everyone, Punch Up is taking on new members again.

Punch Up is a co-operative martial arts gym in Birmingham. It is run by its members and its members are the people that train at the gym.

We train Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA but occasionally have guest sessions with coaches from other disciplines.

We having been continuing to run sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic when allowed to by regulations and by the discretion of our members. We kept each other safe even when the government refused to.

We are currently training outside in a park in Birmingham. The plan is to return to inside sessions when we deem it safe.

If you’re interested in attending the gym, please get in touch either by email or by speaking to an existing member.

Please read our COVID-19 guidelines and our Code of Conduct before attending a session. You might also want to listen to the Southpaw podcast episode one of members was on to learn more about the history of the gym. If you are looking to do sparring, you should read this guide.

If it is your first time training with us, you will be required to arrive half an hour early so you can meet folks, learn more about the gym and fill out some necessary paperwork.


To run the gym, we rely on donations from the members. We don’t have to pay room hire right now but donations now will help us be more financially secure in the future and enable to maintain and purchase equipment. The donations are best made via bank transfer at the moment but can be done in cash if preferred.

Suggested donations per session are £3 for unwaged and £5 for waged. You do not have to pay if you do not have the means.

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