Punch Up AGM 2021


In December 2021, Punch Up gym held their first AGM. These were the proposals passed and the positions elected.

Proposal 1 (Passed)

In order to make decisions in a documented way, we should improve on the decision making process in our constitution (decisions to be made at quarterly general meetings).

I propose that if there is an important decision that needs to be made, a proposal can be made by any two members and then we will call a general meeting either in person or online (up to once a month and at least four meetings a year).

Normal proposals will be shared with the co-op ahead of a meeting (at least one week). For the AGM and changes to the constitutions will be shared 3 weeks ahead of time.

Officers are obliged to attend the meetings and all members are encouraged to attend.

In the meeting, proposals will be presented and discussed and objections and amendments discussed.

Proposals and amendments will then be voted on by those attending the meeting using super majority voting. If two thirds of the people attending the meeting vote in favour, then the proposal passes.

Votes will be recorded in a document for access by any member.

Proposal 2 (Passed)

Proposal for gym committee positions and duties.


The chair facilitates internal and other meetings.

  • Chair all internal meetings and agree the agenda with the secretary.
  • Ensure that meetings run smoothly and democratically.
  • Ensure that all business and functions are properly carried out.
  • Liaise with other officers as needed.


They are responsible for administration and work closely with the chair and other officers. The role will include:

  • Convening and attending all meetings necessary for the running of the gym and it’s related activities, making sure proper minutes are kept and circulated.
  • Ensuring records and information are kept properly (e.g. finance records, membership details). This includes getting sign ups each week, dealing with ‘track and trace’ whilst COVID-19 risks are on-going.
  • Regularly providing members with news of campaigns, issues, branch updates and activities (working with Communications Officer).
  • Delegating work to other officers and members as appropriate.
  • Keeping chat groups up to date.


Responsible for branch finances, including keeping accounts.

Main responsibilities include:

  • Preparing budgets for the running of the gym, including any events, plans for equipment purchase etc.
  • Providing the committee with monthly reports on the financial position of the gym.
  • Providing a detailed financial report for the AGM.
  • Giving financial advice to committee and members.
  • When vacating the role, the Treasurer must provide a 3 month notice period to allow for a change of signatory on the bank account.
  • Maintaining a bank account for the organisation.
  • Setting up and maintaining a system for collecting cash payments for any sessions or merchandise.
  • Researching and developing fundraising opportunities for the organisation alongside any events coordinators or outside groups.
  • Assisting in and providing materials and support for a handover to the newly elected treasurer when your term finishes.
  • Dealing with the purchase and sale of any agreed merchandise related to the gym.

Communications Officer

Responsible for internal and external communications, the branch/group’s communications officer’s role includes:

  • Providing the information members need to play an active role in the gym should they wish to.
  • Supporting group recruitment and organising.
  • Ensuring accessible there are outreach materials for the advertising of the organisation.
  • Distribute publicity materials to members as appropriate.
  • Monitoring and liaising with local media.
  • Ensure an active social media presence.

Membership Officer

Keeps track of the gym’s membership and works to develop recruitment and organising. The role includes:

  • monitoring the branch/group’s recruitment and retention rate.
  • making recommendations to the branch/group committee on recruitment activities, targets, resources.
  • Ensuring new members are welcomed appropriately.
  • Ensuring that group members are involved in gym activities at all levels and are encouraged to self-organise.
  • Being the first point of contact for all new members, making sure appropriate induction is organised when they first attend. This includes getting their phone number and any other relevant information and adding to appropriate chats.

Activities/Curriculum Officer

Primary responsibility is to ensure a curriculum is developed for the sessions, as well as seeking out relevant third parties to run sessions as and when appropriate. Their role would include:

  • Developing a curriculum for the on-going weekly sessions. This should be done at least a month in advance.
  • Actively seeking out third parties or internal people to run sessions.
  • Working with members to develop other relevant sessions or activities in relation to the organisation.

Events/Social Officer

This role would include the organisation of events related to the organisation, or dealing with requests for external sessions from other organisations/individuals. The role would include:

  • Taking forward any suggestions for events from members and assisting in their development.
  • Proposing their own events ideas to committee/members in line with the organisations principles or for the purposes of recruitment.
  • Dealing with any external requests for the organisation to speak/participate/run workshops liaising with others to do so.
  • Organising social event/activities for members when appropriate.

Passes unanimously with suggestions that should some roles be left unfilled for more than a month or so, we will reconsider them.

Proposal 3 (Passed with amendments)

Due to the emergence of the Omicron COVID-19 variant, we propose we introduce two measures to enable us to continue our gym safely through the winter months.

The following measures were based on what the Hilti gym have implemented that we visited in Berlin recently.

All new members will be informed of these hard requirements before they attend.

A) Mandatory negative Lateral Flow test before each session.

Participants must carry out a Lateral Flow test on the day of the session and bring their negative Lateral Flow test or a photo with them to the session as evidence. If you don’t have a negative test, you can’t attend the session.

Evidence of the test will be demonstrated upon arrival. It is the responsibility of the first arrival, and then the session leader to make sure everyone has been asked.

Tests will be provided at the session in case anyone has a problem obtaining them but the participant will have to wait the time suggested by the test till they get their negative result.

B) Mandatory vaccine certificates
Participants must be able to present a vaccine certificate that shows they have at least two or more vaccinations against COVID-19 or they can’t attend gym sessions. Exceptions will only be made in extreme circumstances.

Part B withdrawn. Part A passed unanimously.

Proposal 4 (Passed with amendments)

Our hygiene practices could do with improving. We currently haven’t cleaned the equipment for ages.

The following measures were based on what the Hilti gym have implemented that we visited in Berlin recently.

We propose that implement the following procedures:

Up to £150 is to be spent obtaining cleaning equipment for the gym:

  • Mop suitable for cleaning our mats
  • Bucket for cleaning solution
  • Big bottle of sanitiser to be mixed with water
  • Clothe or sponge to transfer cleaning solution to the mats
  • Clothes to clean gloves and pads
  • Some sort of mat to store our jigsaw mats on in the storage space as the floor is dirty.

Choice of products left to the person who buys the equipment.

We clean the mats at the start of of each session. It’s possible to do it with a small amount of cleaning solution that doesn’t affect traction on the mats if the mopping is done correctly.

We wipe down any pads or gloves at the end of each session.

Officer Elections

Secretary – Elected unanimously
Treasurer – Elected unanimously
Membership – Elected unanimously
Activities/Curriculum – Elected unanimously

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