Athletic Community Action Birmingham

Co-operative Sports for Birmingham. Get fit. Have fun. Make friends.

Athletics Community Action Birmingham is a co-operative sports and social organisation to enable positive connections based around physical activity. We have a few different clubs in our co-operative carrying out a range of activities. They all follow the same principles of democratic self management, safety and care.

Punch Up Birmingham

Martial arts gym. We train striking and grappling. We are now taking on new members.

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  • Punch Up AGM 2021
    In December 2021, Punch Up gym held their first AGM. These were the proposals passed and the positions elected. Proposal 1 (Passed) In order to make decisions in a documented way, we should improve on the decision making process in our constitution (decisions to be made at quarterly general meetings). I propose that if there …

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  • Punch Up is taking on new members
    Hi everyone, Punch Up is taking on new members again. Punch Up is a co-operative martial arts gym in Birmingham. It is run by its members and its members are the people that train at the gym. We train Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA but occasionally have guest sessions with coaches from other disciplines. We …

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  • Punch Up on Southpaw podcast
    A member of Punch up appearing on the excellent Southpaw Podcast being interviewed by Sam Yang. It includes a personal origin story for the gym and loads of background about the UK scene. In our second spotlight of Red Gyms, we speak to Punch Up and discuss how a near violent confrontation with a far-right …

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