Code of Conduct

Create a positive and supportive environment – show appreciation of others’ skill, development, qualities and education.

Act with respect and fairness towards other participants, regardless of who they are.

Recognise that your actions and your attitude contribute towards everyone’s enjoyment and improvement – be aware of how you share the space with others.

Respect consent at all times, especially during partner work and activities involving close contact.

PPrioritise the safety and comfort of yourself and all participants at all times. Take the week off if you have an infectious condition like a cold (not just COVID-19) and practice good personal hygenine e.g. keep nails short to ensure the safety of others.

Pay attention to instructors’ directions and decisions.

Arrive on time, with the right kit (if possible), and be prepared to learn.

No photography or recording, except in situations where approved by instructors and all present participants.

Support the group to make collective decisions that shape the way sessions are run. Share any suggestions or new ideas, and raise concerns or problems at the earliest appropriate moment.

Contribute financially according to your ability.

Recognise the range of experiences you and others bring to the sessions, and encourage the sharing of leading roles.