Code of Conduct

This is based on the Common Ground Collective code of conduct (2005).

Our backgrounds have not given many of us the tools to build just and sustainable society, so we have to recognize, learn from, and work with each other to build these visions and practices. These points provide us a starting place to work from, learning respect and trust to build stronger relationships and organization.

  • Everyone has a piece of the truth Everyone can learn Everyone can teach or share something.
  • Remember all of this is a process. What happens along the way is as important as the goals.
  • Respect the work and abilities of others
  • Create safe and inclusive environments for all.
  • Take risks within yourself: Participate, give it a chance; have some trust to try on new ideas.
  • Critique inappropriate behaviours NOT the person. Remember, we are ALL still learning.
  • Actively listen to each other: listen to what others are saying, before speaking. Be accountable to the people and communities we support and yourself.
  • Speak only for yourself. Remember we all have different experiences and values to share.
  • Step up, Step back: Give space for MANY voices to be heard.
  • Avoid defensiveness: Be open to legitimate critique or challenges of ideas, patterns or behaviors.
  • Mistakes will be made by all of us. None of us is perfect. Be aware of the effects of your actions on the communities and others around you.
  • Challenge oppressive behaviour in a way that helps people grow.
  • Take cues from people in the communities you are working with in the way you interact.
  • If you see a behaviour that is inappropriate intervene, don’t wait for someone else to address it.
  • Don’t use alcohol or drugs in places where they can endanger people.
  • Don’t use acronyms: It can make people to feel left out.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Guidelines

Athletics Community Action Birmingham believes that all people have a right to be free of any form of harassment and oppression, and in particular, sexual harassment.

No volunteer is to threaten or insinuate, either explicitly or implicitly, that another volunteer or community members’ refusal or willingness to submit to sexual advances will affect their participation in Athletics Community Action Birmingham.

All sexual contact between volunteers/community members be consented to prior to contact. Other sexually harassing or offensive conduct is not welcome at Athletics Community Action Birmingham.

This conduct may include: Unwanted physical contact or conduct of any kind, including sexual flirtations, touching, advances, or propositions; Verbal harassment of a sexual nature, such as lewd comments, sexual jokes or references, and offensive personal references; Demeaning, insulting, intimidating, or sexually suggestive comments about an individual’s personal appearance; The display of demeaning, insulting, intimidating or sexually suggestive objects, pictures or photographs; Demeaning, insulting, intimidating, or sexually suggestive written, recorded, or electronically transmitted messages

Anyone who believes that another person’s actions or words constitute unwelcome harassment, should address that person directly as well as let one of the coordinators know as soon as possible.

All complaints of harassment will be investigated promptly and in as impartial and confidential a manner as possible. Volunteers are asked to cooperate in any investigation. A timely resolution of each complaint should be reached and communicated to the parties involved.

Athletics Community Action Birmingham treats false accusations, which can be incredibly destructive, equally seriously. Any volunteer who is found to have violated the harassment policy may be asked to leave. Proven sexual assault may be subject to legal action.